We ask all of our manufacturers to sign our Supplier Code of Conduct, which details the standards we expect to be upheld including animal welfare, environmental management, chemical and water use, living wage, working conditions and waste management. Our Supplier Code of Conduct (SCOC) was written in line with internationally accepted standards including the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) core conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You can find a copy of it here. Our SCOC has been signed by our Sydney based manufacturers and our knitwear supplier in China.


Our Responsible Future Pillars are shaped by environmental, social and economic values and we use these parameters daily to evaluate all JB decisions in relation to their impact in an effort to balance purpose, people, planet and profit. Looking at our business holistically, we are striving towards processes, practices and environmental choices that have responsible intentions. We can’t always tick every box for every single decision, but we use our Responsible Future Pillars to hold ourselves accountable to our vision for a future of fashion that is considered and consistently taking steps towards meaningful change.


We are committed to playing our part in building a society where everybody has a place to thrive. At Jillian Boustred, we aim to operate in a spirit of inclusivity and believe that all of our business relationships should be respectful, accepting, and understanding in nature. From our supply chain to our employees to our customers, we stand for celebrating those things which make us unique: be it diverse backgrounds, cultures, religions, beliefs, gender identities and orientations, body shapes, and life experiences.

We have identified three key ways we can be constantly improving inclusion at Jillian Boustred on our journey to a more inclusive and diverse business. We will be continuously striving to grow and expand our workplace culture and business values and always welcome feedback on our practices.

1. Recruitment and Workplace Culture

We aim to create an empathetic and welcoming workplace environment with a fair and transparent recruitment process. We are endeavouring to select talent from a broad pool, including ensuring that our employee recruitment process takes into consideration reasonable adjustments for those in need. We aim to foster a workplace culture where people feel they can be themselves, speak up, safely ask for help, and feel supported at an individual level.

2. Visual Content

Our social media and website imagery is the first point of contact for our audience, and as such, we would like to foster a brand identity that is most representative of society. We endeavour to select talent from a diverse pool to ensure our audience feels represented and reflected in our imagery.

3. Sizing

Yes, we’re the first to admit that our size offering is limited, and doesn’t reflect the full, diverse range of sizes across womens’ bodies. We are committed to making desirable clothing that make women feel welcomed and celebrated, and will continue on our sizing journey with careful consideration in order to provide garments of the highest quality fit and function.