Introducing London's Georgie Hyatt, trend forecaster by day and fashion stylist by night! Georgie took time out of her busy London life to style 5 JB looks and she has left us all feeling inspired and refreshed! Not afraid to mix things up when it comes to colour, accessories and layering. Georgie's gorgeous style is a reminder to have a bit more fun and embrace the individuality of fashion. 

Winona Dress with Nancy Tee              

When you put an outfit together what do you start with first? 
I decide what colour I feel like wearing, I always start with the colour palette- usually pastels. My outfit is usually a direct visual representation of how I am feeling that day.




What are your go to accessories?

Sneakers and little gold hoops! I'm not really a jewellery gal, and running around London you need to be comfy. I just got a bike to ditch the tube, so I am trialling my bags on a bike-suitability scale at the moment.


What trends have you seen all over the London atm? 

Prairie Girl, Cecilie Bahnsen style dresses, there is a feeling in the air of new femininity, embracing being a woman and being empowered by wearing a floor length puffy dress and sneakers if you want to!


Tommy Blazer with Oasis Shorts 

Valerie Dress

What are your favourite London hot spots ATM? 

Do parks count as hot  spots??  Primrose Hill park and the nearby  Lemonia Greek restaurant is my favourite hangout. It's been in business since the 70's and has the best old-school hospitality, the freshest Greek  salads and the creamiest hummus. You also can't miss Gloria Trattoria in Shoreditch- the Carbonara served in a wheel of parmesan is bangin'! And The Narrowboat on the Islington canal is great for a bite on a summers night. My nightlife is very lazy- a Soho House or a house party will do the trick.


 Maisy Dress 

What do you enjoy about working in fashion? 

It is a visual feast every single day!

I work in the Consultancy of a Trend Forecasting company and we have new challenges and problems to solve for our clients every week. I work across fashion, consumer and beauty- I love the variety.

Lastly any style tips for Aussies heading into Summer?

Get yourself big ol' poofy dress!


Valerie Dress

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