Introducing friend and fellow creative Alison Hope Murray! Ali is a designer and art director for Beauty and Fashion. She has been living in London for the last 4 years and we caught up with her on her most recent trip down under! 

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What is your design background and how has your career evolved? 

I studied my undergraduate at UTS with the one and only Jillian Boustred! Following on from that I produced a capsule collection of knitwear pieces that I sold and distributed Australia wide which is when I was asked to apply to the Royal College of Art. 4 months later I was off to London and now 4 years later, I'm so grateful I get to call this big, bad and historical city my home. During my masters I interned for J.W. Anderson and once finished I went straight to work at MATCHESFASHION.COM where I transitioned from pure fashion and knitwear design to a digital designer and art director. At the Royal College of Art I produced a collection of womenswear that was shown on schedule at London Fashion Week but it was the research for this that lead to my job. I hosted forums, shot content and designed a multi-disciplinary site that was part editorial part chatroom. It was this that got me my first big girl job and also identified what I was really good at.

I am now the inhouse designer and art director at Trinny Woodall's make up brand Trinny London. Remember 'What not to Wear?' That Trinny! 

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How did you find studying fashion design in London, how did it differ from Studying in Aus.? 

I was the only Australian in my year and previously had used a lot of emblems of Australiana in my work so without the context of being in Australia, it pushed me to find new starting points of inspiration. Studying in the UK was also - dare I say it - a lot more creative, people were a lot more bold and willing and able to live and breath their own design practice. The way UK design courses are structured - you get your own desk within the college. Something we never had the privilege of having in Australia. Allowing everyone to work in the same room, on their own process and products was at first intimidating - but in the end was my favourite part.

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What challenges did you face being a design student in London?

Working out where to buy and find all my materials. This city is massive and full of so many pockets and options. 

When you're coming up with concepts for design / art direction, where do you usually start? 

Gut instinct... if a starting point doesn't automatically spring to mind then I go for a walk. Nothing like pounding the streets of central London to stumble upon some inspiration!

Wearing Tommy Blazer and Olivia Trousers   

What are your favourite kind of jobs to work on as an Art Director? 

Beauty! The ones where you get to paint with product. 

What do you prefer, Art Direction or Fashion design? 

They are both very different and very similar from one another. But being an art director is a faster process from inspiration to final product which I find way more satisfying for my instagram first brain. 

Wearing Gretel Dress and Nancy Ribbed Tee

Has your style changed since living in London? 

... headbands and more headbands and coats. 

What inspires you in London? 

The people.



What's the first thing you do when you get back to Sydney? 

Hug my family and drink all the coffee.