Workroom Jumpsuit


A statement piece that is both uniform and casual. Featuring a button down jumpsuit with collar, concealed denim hardware and elastic waist. 

Made in Australia from a heavyweight 95% Cotton 5% Spandex blend.

Color: Black
Fits true to size. All models wear S.
The Workroom Jumpsuit was made by Kiet (Sydney) with denim hardware inserted by Quick Buttonhole Services (Sydney). We sourced the fabric from Korea Textiles, the denim hardware from the MRecht, and any other trims and notions from E&M Greenfields. Our garment labels are supplied by Weavabel (UK) and our swing tags are printed by Print Together (Melbourne) on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.
fabric icon The Workroom Jumpsuit is rated Good in accordance with our JB Responsible Fibre Standards
manufacture icon The Workroom Jumpsuit is manufactured by a supplier who has signed our JB Code of Conduct
Australia icon The Workroom Jumpsuit is cut and constructed in Australia. Founded on a locally made ethos, we pride ourselves on our Australian Made woven collections.
recycle icon The Workroom Jumpsuit is eligible for our take back program
waste management icon The off-cuts from the production of the Workroom Jumpsuit have been donated for industry recycling initiatives, or have been upcycled as part of JB Reclaimed
waste management icon The Workroom Jumpsuit is at least 90% free from synthetic fibres and does not use single-use plastic in manufacture and delivery

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