Mother's Day

Celebrating JB women this Mother's day.
A special day spent shooting a few gorgeous JB mums and daughters, chatting relationships, motherhood and more.

Regina & Atia

Introducing Atia and her mum Regina. Atia is a multidisciplinary designer and model. Her beautiful mum Regina moved to Australia from Bangladesh in 1989 and works in the fashion industry.

What do you love about your mum?

Atia: She’s very social, she knows how to have a laugh – she has a bigger social life than I do!  

Do you have a close relationship?

Atia: I think we’re close in a different way… because I grew up in Sydney and mum grew up in Bangladesh, so it’s a bit different – culturally it’s different.

How do you find that Regina?

I am an easy person – I just want my children to be happy, if they’re happy I’m happy. Atia: We have different views on a lot of thing – but it’s healthy arguments. Mostly me just telling mum my opinions! (laughs)

What traits do you share? 

Atia: We’re very different… but we get along because we’re different, we give each other perspective. I think I got empathy from mum – she has a really deep heart and empathy for everyone else.  Regina: I think she looks more like her father! But she’s a straight shooter – more like me!  

Atia wears Oscar Ribbed top, Oasis Trousers and Stevie Knit Jumper. Regina Wears Lulu Ribbed Dress and Stacey Knit Jumper.

Ali & Jenny

Ali Whittle is a Sydney based Content Creator, her mum Jenny is CEO of the Committee for Geelong - we had many laughs and great conversations with these two gorgeous power women!  

Are you and your mum close?

I’ve lived out of home for 10 years, but I talk to mum all the time. I’ll call her until she answers – or I’ll face time her! We probably face time every day.

Jenny: Face time is a big commitment! (laughs)

Do you tell each other everything?

Ali: (Laughs) Well I tell her everything but it’s whether or not she hears! Mum is so busy – she’s a CEO of a company.

Jenny: Usually Ali will call to vent – so my job is just to listen and let her talk.

What do you love about each other?

Jenny: Ali is an incredibly independent person and she always has been – maybe because I had her when I was so young. She had to forge her own sense of identity and there were some challenges with my relationships and marriages, I think through all that Ali has really had to find herself, which isn’t easy.

She’s also hilarious! She has an incredible wit and makes me laugh so much, to the point were I can’t speak! 

Ali: Mum always answers my calls… she’s always looked after me and made me feel very safe regardless of what’s going on. She’s really smart and always has the answer – she makes difficult things simple. She keeps calm under pressure – I don’t think people know when we’re stressed and I got that from mum. I feel very lucky to be able to talk about every single topic with her.

What characteristics do you share?

Ali: Creativity and determination. We’re both pretty strong, we go for it! 

Jenny: Bolshie (laughs) - I think Ali has never not stood up for herself, we both challenge authority, we both tried to challenge the rules at school – not major things but wearing the wrong socks or earrings, little things like that.

Ali wears Lulu Ribbed Top, Olivia Trousers and Arctic Coat. Jenny wears Spencer Ribbed Dress.

Rosie & Mac

Journalist Rosie Dalton is one cool, calm and gorgeous new mum. We loved meeting her beautiful three-month-old Mac and hearing all about early mother hood.

How have you found being a mum? 

So beautiful! It honestly feels like the most natural thing in the world, being Mac’s mum. Of course it is challenging at times too, but I feel very lucky to have stepped into this new role. 

How was the pregnancy and birth for you? 

I was really fortunate to have a dream pregnancy and birth with Mac. There is a lot of information and opinions to take in during pregnancy, as well as a lot of fear around childbirth. But I tried to tune out whatever didn’t serve me and approach things from an informed but ultimately very intuitive place. I listened to my body and did my best to just surrender and go with the flow. Mac was born in the midst of a summer heat wave and we had a very calm water birth. 

Has your relationship with your partner changed at all with Mac coming along? 

I feel like having a baby has taken things to a whole new level. Raising a child requires a lot of teamwork, love and support – especially in those early months when everything is still so new. And I am really grateful to my partner Joel for everything he does for Mac and I. 

What are you looking forward to most in motherhood? 

I am so looking forward to seeing who Mac grows up to become!

Rosie wears Tommy Blazer, Oasis Trousers, Oscar Ribbed Top and Oscar Ribbed Skirt.

Rainbow & Irene

Rainbow Chan is a Sydney based musician, visual artist and academic - Rainbow and her Mum Irene moved to Australia in 1996 from Hong Kong. Irene speaks Cantonese and Mandarin, her beautiful placid nature translates onto camera. 

When did you move to Australia Irene?
We moved as a family in 1996 from Hong Kong – all six of us, I have four daughters and my eldest daughter was 20 when we moved.

Have you gone back to HK?

Rainbow: We both went back in 2018 – which was really nice because we visited all of our family and friends.

How have you found being one of four girls?

Rainbow: It’s good! We support each other. And a bonus was being able to share clothes when we were growing up.

What do you love about your mum?

Her smile, her dimples! She gave me her dimples. Her cooking too, she’s incredible at cooking.

Irene: I love cooking – I’ll cook any food. Malaysian, Hong Kong and Taiwanese sometimes Japanese. Lots of Asian cooking.

What do you love about Rainbow?

Everything…her music, I love listening to her music. My mother and brother were creative and played Chinese instruments – they played a Chinese flute. So there’s something in the genes!

Rainbow wears Margo Skivvy and Tailor Trousers. Irene wears Lulu Ribbed Dress.

Jenny & Jillian

Jillian Boustred (hopefully needs no introduction) and her mum Jenny. Jenny is originally South African and works as an interior designer whilst dabbling in art and ceramics.


What is your relationship like:

Jenny: We are very fortunate to have a good relationship! We share a lot of common interests and a love for family.

Jillian: Yes we’ve always been close, I think we’ve become closer as I've gotten older and we’re a bit more on the same page.

What personality traits do you share?

Jenny: We’re both creative, determined and can be bit single minded. I’ve always had a love for design, fabrics and beautiful things, which Jilly has as well.

Jillian: Mum's an interior designer – growing up she always placed value on style, design and creativity and I have always appreciated that and learnt from it. We’re both strong willed and just get on with things, there was a strictly no whingeing or complaining rule in our house so my sisters and I are all pretty independent and low maintenance!

Have you enjoyed having three daughters?

Yes, I love having three daughters – they’re all close in age and get on really well, now as adults it feels like they’re more my friends than my children. We spend a lot of time together doing fabulous things, like ceramic courses, lovely dinners and more. My eldest daughters are twins and one of them has an 18 month old baby - I love being a grandma.

Jillian: I love being one of three girls, it’s always felt special for me to have so many women in our family and how close we all are. We’ve always had fun together and supported each other through everything – not without a few raging arguments but that’s only natural!

Jillian wears Margo Skivvy (coming soon) and Olivia Trousers. Jenny wears Oscar Ribbed Top, Oscar Ribbed Skirt, Arctic Coat

Thank you to everyone who was part of our Mother's Day Campaign