JB at Home

Staying home is the new going out. 
Adjusting to the “stay home” way of life has involved embarking on new activities, some that I wouldn't usually see myself doing. Here’s how I’ve been navigating the new normal and keeping myself entertained for the last few months.

Stacey Knit Jumper 


I’m not much of a cook but like most people at the moment I’ve added a few new dishes to my repertoire, including Sushi and Gyoza’s. Anything with some therapeutic rolling or folding is working for me at the moment!


My mum, sister and I have been setting up a workstation in the kitchen and pulling out all are our paints and art supplies. It’s been entertaining to see what we come up with, mainly we’ve been reminding each other not to quit our day jobs.

Flora Dress

Board games / card games / any games

Backgammon, monopoly cards, bananagrams and catan are all games I have been competitively playing lately. I have always loved games and it’s been fun pulling out some old ones over the last few months and taking a break from watching TV.

Altering Clothes

This is something that’s been on my to do list for months, I had a couple of beautiful things I hadn’t worn before because I bought them thinking I would alter them. It was very satisfying fixing them up and an excuse to get dressed up for dinner!

Spencer Ribbed Dress

Hair Cuts

This is another ISO cliché but cutting hair is one of the most satisfying activities I’ve uncovered. My sister’s hair, my brother in law’s hair, my own hair. Anyone needing a haircut, I am available.

Zooming with Friends

I’d never even heard of Zoom until before all of this happened and whilst I’d take a real life catch up over a zoom catch up any day, it’s been a nice way to see my friends faces – particularly those living overseas.

Flutter Blouse

Spending time with family

I am lucky that my family is all based in Sydney and we are able to still see a lot of each other. I have also just become an Aunty so spending time with my little Nephew has been very special and a great distraction. 

A wine in the evening

I have definitely found myself drinking more wine during this time! Whilst it has been a stressful and strange few months I am trying to take enjoyment in it where I can, and one of the things I have loved is a wine at home in the evening with family or with friends (Albeit over a zoom chat) 

Lounge Trousers and Nancy Ribbed Tee 

Photos by my sister Angie, on film.